Viper is a supernatural drug developed by Alex Corbin. The drug is a combination of doppelgänger blood, werewolf saliva, and the pituitary glands of a succubus.

It taps into the body's unused DNA and gives the user super-strength, healing, and endurance as well as a euphoric sense of power for a few hours, draining calcium from the skeleton to use as fuel. The side effects of Viper is a craving for dairy products to compensate for the drug's consumption of calcium in the body. If enough calcium wasn't consumed, the user's bones would crumble and they would suffocate to death. Viper was distributed on the streets of Beacon Hills by its creator, causing many citizens to die because of its side effects. Based on Viper, Alex Corbin managed to work out the side effects and develop a new enhancing drug called Venom.

Users Edit

Stan Potolsky (creator, deceased)

Benny (deceased)

Charmagne (deceased)

Isaac Steiner (deceased)