The Medallion of Anubis is a magical artifact that gives immortality and amazing strength, speed, vitality, and regenerative capabilities to whoever possesses it.

Creation Edit

Created by the Egyptian god Anubis thousands of years ago, the Medallion was stolen by a traitorous priest called Imhotep, who intended to use it to put the same power into another medallion to give to his beloved priestess Anck Su-Namun so they could live forever and rule over Egypt together. However, Anubis himself confronted the two, and betrayed by his own priests, killed Anck-Su-Namun by reducing her to a skeleton, while Imhotep was buried alive under the temple by quicksand.

Effects Edit

  • Immortality: When wearing the Medallion, the wearer is given eternal life and is unable to die by any mortal wound except for decapitation or heart extraction.
  • Increased strength: The wearer is given amazing strength that almost rivals werewolves, wendigoes, and demons.
  • Increased speed: The wearer is given such amazing speed that they can appear as a blur when moving.
  • Inhuman vitality: When wearing it, the Medallion keeps the wearer in perfect health, preventing him/her from getting sick or crippled in any possible way.
  • Regenerative healing: Whenever the wearer of the Medallion is injured, they heal almost instantly,