Rachel is an antagonist in Season 4 of Teen Life as a Monster.

Portrayed as a bad girl in Beacon Hills High, she develops a passionate crush on Seth Pederson and attempts to pursue him, but he turns down every advance that she makes, from light flirtations to offering "the greatest sex he'll ever have", but he refuses, stating he has a girlfriend. That doesn't deter Rachel, as she purchases a revolver and after learning where his family lives, breaks into their home and holds his mother, sister and brother at gunpoint and threatens to kill them if Seth doesn't date her. However, Seth, along with Erica subdue her, with Seth talking her down while Erica sneaks up on her and uses her seduction power to lower her defenses and knocks her unconscious. Rachel is promptly arrested and given a 3 month prison sentence for minor domestic violence.

Even after her prison sentence, she is still obsessed with getting into bed with Seth. However, she eventually gives up, stating that while she may never be his true love, she'll be his last and is willing to wait.

Recently, Rachel came out as a lesbian and started dating many of the girls of her school, including Olivia, Nora, and even Erica at one point. However, none of them except Erica left her even remotely satisfied sexually, and started trying to hook up with Seth again.

History Edit

After she spots Seth at his locker, she introduces herself as Rachel and kindly welcomes him to Beacon Hills. He politely thanks her for the welcome before excusing himself and goes to lunch.

As he has his lunch, Rachel sits across from him and starts asking questions about his personal life. He tries avoiding any subject regarding his father, who committed suicide out of depression. He tells Rachel about his sister, who is a physician's assistant, his mom is a school teacher, and his brother is a steel factory worker. She then tells Seth about how she's viewed as the school's bad girl, and how she can't seem to get a boyfriend. She then starts asking about the necklace he's wearing, which has an "R" on it. Seth says it stands for his dad's first name Ronald, who committed suicide a few years ago. Rachel is deeply saddened by the revelation, but she tells Seth that he won't be sad forever, offering to comfort him.