Olivia Mundy is a minor love interest of Seth Pederson prior to meeting Erica.

The owner of an amateur ice cream parlor, she had the pleasure of meeting Seth, who happened to be single. After eating a hot fudge sundae together, the two bonded and went on several dates. On their seventh date, Olivia and Seth had sex in the backseat of her car.

Olivia is played by Alexandra Daddario.

Biography Edit

Olivia is first seen at a club, drunk as hell and barely able to stand. Seth offers to help, and she accepts, saying he's "hot". She tells him where she lives and he lays her on her bed.

The next day, Seth runs into Olivia at school. With Olivia's mind not filtered with alcohol, they're able to have a more dignified conversation. Olivia asks Seth out, despite not knowing a thing about him. Reluctantly, he agrees.

Gallery Edit

Olivia smile after sex
Olivia taking off her shirt
Olivia talking