Lesbians are women that have a sexual attraction only to other women due to either being transgender

or their attraction to the other is just too great.

Known Lesbians Edit

A list of bisexual characters and their gimmick or reason of being a lesbian.

Erica Edit

Even though she's with Seth, Erica used her seduction power as a Succubus to have sex with other girls.

Sloane Fox Edit

A hellhound possessing a human girl that is attempting to reunite with her soulmate, she often has sexual encounters with other girls to fill the void until she finds her.

Nina Edit

A manipulative high school student that uses her body to get whatever she desires, Nina prefers women over men as lovers as they're much easier to trick into having sex with her.

Jamie Sands Edit

Although seen very briefly, Jamie is a very willing lesbian, passionately kissing Sloane and even having sex with her.

Gallery Edit

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