Kayao is a fertility spirit that appears in Season 2.

A spirit that punishes anyone who betrays their fertility, such as having underage sex or drug use, Kayao pursues and haunts its victim, eventually dragging them under the ground, seemingly killing them, when in actuality, they are taken to Purgatory, where they are sadistically tortured until they become pure again and are returned to the world of the living.

History Edit

Kayao witnesses Seth and Emery having sex and abducts her.

Powers Edit

  • Intangibility: Due to being a spirit, Kayao is completely immune to physical attacks, including werewolf claws, blades, bullets and even fire. However, Kayao can be temporarily immobilized by a barrier of salt and bullets or shotgun shells filled with rock salt. With the aid of a hex bag, Kayao's intangibility can be disabled, making it vulnerable.
  • Enhanced strength: Kayao is capable of impressive feats of strength, such as throwing men across a hallway with one arm, ripping open a metal wall, and was even able to physically fight against Seth Pederson, who is a hybrid. This is especially impressive, as hybrids are established to be stronger than most spirits and monsters.