This event involves an unnamed man breaking into a house that Katherine is living in and attempting to rape her. However, he doesn't get too far, as a werewolf mauls him as he is about to tear Katherine's clothes off.

Event Edit

Hand on Katherine's throat

Katherine at her attacker's mercy.

As Katherine walks into her living room to pour herself a glass of bourbon, a man in a mask bursts through a window and pushes her to a wall, aggressively yelling that she's very pretty before he starts throwing her around. He then knocks her to the ground after some struggling, puts his hand around her throat, implying he's attempting to rape her. She tells him he's making a big mistake, but he just slaps her, telling her to shut up.

However, a werewolf overheard the whole event transpire, jumping through the same window that the man broke through, and savagely mauls the masked man, whose blood splashes all over Katherine. After staring at her, the werewolf makes a whimpering growl and leaves.