Jeremy Wilson is a recurring antagonist that appears in Season 1, 2, 3, and 6.

A sadistic sociopath, Jeremy is secretly operating in Beacon Hills as a serial killer, kidnapping and torturing men, women and children before killing them while working as a pizza delivery boy as a cover. Jeremy is seemingly torturing people in the hopes of finding a significant other that could survive any type of pain that he can deliver onto them.

At one point, Jeremy abducts Erica, Brooke and Seth and begins to torture them. He confesses to being gay, and wants Seth for himself, seeing Erica and Brooke as competition. When he is about to kill Brooke, Seth transforms and mauls Jeremy to death, and frees Erica and Brooke.

History Edit

Jeremy first appears in Bloodwork, torturing a mother and her child in a dungeon-like area in Wisconsin. The woman begs Jeremy to let her child live; he can kill her as long as her child lives on. Jeremy coldly ignores her, stabbing two nails into the child's eyes and slitting the mother's throat as she cries for her suffering child until they both die from their injuries.

In Blood Stone, Jeremy captures a lawyer named Dexter. Dexter wakes up, tied to a table and shirtless. He asks Jeremy what he wants. Jeremy responds by grabbing his foot and furiously rubbing a brush along it. Dexter thrashes against his restraints, begging and screaming, but this only fuels Jeremy's sadistic pleasures, as he straddles Dexter and tickles his armpits.

Equipment Edit

  • Knife: A short blade that he uses for slowly cutting his victims.
  • Machete: A sword-like weapon that he uses to kill his victims.
  • 9mm handgun: A pistol that Jeremy uses to kill a victim when they try to escape.
  • Leather belt/whip: Used by Jeremy to beat disobedient subjects.
  • Strap-on dildo: Used to sexually assault Jeremy's male victims.
  • Feather/brush: Used to tickle torture victims to their breaking point or death.

Skills Edit

  • Torture expert: Jeremy is extremely skilled at torture, easily able to strike fear into his victims and cause great amounts of trauma, pain and misery.
  • Manipulation: Jeremy is also a skilled manipulator, as shown when he seems to release Dexter from his torture, only to kill him by stabbing him through the gut with his machete.