Hybrids are supernatural creatures that have traits and abilities of multiple creatures mixed together.

They are viewed by witches as abombinations of nature, that creatures with that much power shouldn't be allowed to exist. Currently, only about 10 Hybrids exist, as witches have hunted them to the brink of extinction.

Seth Pederson is a Hybrid.

Creation Edit

Hybrids are created by taking the DNA of two supernatural creatures and injecting them into a human's bloodstream simultaneously. The recipient than needs to drink doppelgänger blood to fully accept the changes and "transition" into a Hybrid. If the person doesn't drink the doppelgänger blood, they'll die a slow and agonizing death.

Types of Hybrids Edit

Wolf Shifter-Vampire Hybrid Edit

These types of Hybrids have the immortality and mind compulsion abilities of a vampire, but the rest of their abilities are drawn from a werewolf, including enhanced strength, claw and fang growth, etc. They can even transform without needing a full moon.

Werewolf-Incubus Hybrid Edit

This combination has amplified abilities of a pureblood werewolf, and the seduction power of an Incubus. The same applies if a Succubus is used instead. Seth Pederson is this type of Hybrid.