Half-Breeds are monsters that are a combination of human and animal, as well as the progenitor to the Chimera species.

Unlike other species of monsters, they cannot attain a human form and are stuck looking monstrous and deformed forever, even after death.

Humans have rarely encountered half-breeds, possibly due to their small numbers or they were smart enough to avoid close proximity to human establishments or towns. Half-breeds are openly hostile to humans, but only if provoked, such as being verbally insulted, attacked, or if a half-breed has a personal vendetta against humans.

Other monsters were often mistaken as half-breeds by humans. King Lycaon was thought to be the Alpha Half-Breed, but was later revealed as the Alpha Werewolf.

Types Edit

Lyco Edit


These half-breeds are a combination of man and wolf. They stand upright like a human, but possess a slightly elongated face, claws, fangs, excessive body hair, and a tail of a wolf. Unlike other half-breeds, Lyco's can talk, albeit in a distorted, growly voice. This is most likely due to their wolf side, which granted them enhanced intelligence, as well as speed and strength. Strength-wise, a Lyco can tear the limbs off of even the largest man or animal, leap the height of a two story building, and even crush bones with little effort

Slithers Edit


These half-breeds are a grotesque mixture of women and reptiles, more specifically snakes. They appear mostly human, though they have scales along their skin, snake-like nostrils and eyes, long claws, and poisonous fangs. In terms of strength, they aren't as strong as a Lyco, but are still powerful enough to snap a man's neck with one hand.