Giants are large humanoids that live in mountains and cavernous caves.

Quincy Whitmore is a half-Giant.

Attributes Edit

Behavior Edit

Giants are relatively calm around humans, but will attack if provoked. They also don't like it when people stare at them for too long. Giants are also kind to animals, especially deer and rabbits and will help them if injured.

Clothing Edit

Due to the harsh climate, Giants wear coats made from Mammoth fur to keep them warm. It also serves as a light armor against Dragons.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength: Due to their large size, Giants are very strong, capable of ripping humans apart, smashing through walls, and lifting heavy objects.

Increased Durability: Giants have very thick and protective skin, which protects them from arrows, bladed weapons, and even the sharp claws and fangs of werewolves, though they will eventually cut deep.