Caitlin is a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the third episode of the third season. She is portrayed by guest cast member Lauren McKnight.

She is a lesbian, and has a girlfriend named Emily, but has also been in a romantic situation with Erica due to her seductive appearance.

History Edit

Caitlin is setting up candles and lanterns in a tent while talking to her girlfriend. The two begin to kiss. Emily notices branches breaking, and Caitlin grabs a baton from her bag. Suddenly, Erica forces the tent flap open, but Caitlin knocks her out with a whack to the head. Emily runs out of the tent, screaming at her girlfriend, asking her what she had done. They drag Erica into their car, putting her in the backseat. As Caitlin drives home, Emily cradles the buxom blonde's head. 

The two put Erica on Caitlin's bed. Emily points out that Erica has a very hot body and teases a threesome, which Caitlin is interested in, but only when Erica wakes up.

When Erica wakes up, Caitlin apologizes for hitting Erica. She calls Caitlin a bitch before saying it's okay, but to not do it again.