Bisäyle are a race of ancient demons from Slavic and Albanian folklore. They take the form of young girls, and feed off of the laughter of humans, especially young women.

Their feeding habits involve them breaking into their victim's homes and vigorously tickling them to absorb their laughter as a type of energy to survive, though they have a tendency to tickle their victim to death to keep their existence secret.

Background Edit

Hundreds of years ago, Bisäyle were worshipped for their power. A virgin woman and man would be strapped to beds before a lone Bisäyle would appear and tickle the two offerings to death in exchange for leaving the rest of the village's population alone for 29 years before repeating the cycle. If the villagers failed to deliver, the Bisäyle from the previous offering would savagely murder the entire village except for a single child.

Human children were often scared of them due to the concept of being tickled to death by a Bisäyle.

During Albanian wars, humans would use dark magic and altars to control a Bisäyle into fighting for them.

In the present day, Bisäyle hunt human women as revenge for being forced to fight for humans, a race they were enslaved by.

Physical Appearance Edit

When they use their glamour, Bisäyle look like young girls at the age of 6 or 7, but they're actually hundreds if not thousands of years old. They use this to make people trust them, which makes them all the more frightening when the Bisäyle victimizes their target.

In their true form, they keep their child-like appearance, except their eyes turn pure white, their voices become distorted, their fingernails extend into claws, and they can extend their mouths to frightening proportions like a snake.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: Bisäyle have superhuman strength, enough to pin fully grown humans down as well as tearing into their flesh when they need to.
  • Teleportation: Bisäyle have the power to teleport anywhere they want, which comes in handy when finding a new victim.
  • Immortality: As they are demons, Bisäyle can live forever.
  • Tickling: Bisäyle have a bizarre ability to tickle people in such a way that it becomes unbearable within seconds. When they tickle someone, their victim's laughter is absorbed and it rejuvenates the Bisäyle. Unfortunately, they also have a knack for tickling their victims to death.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Holy Water: As Bisäyle are demons, they're vulnerable to holy water, which burns them like acid.
  • Dismemberment: If a Bisäyle loses a limb, they'll be unable to regenerate it.

Known Victims Edit

  • Bo Dennis: Deceased (Tickled/raped to death)